How to Reach Paradise in the Mediterranean Sea
If you are planning to visit Ibiza on your next vacations, you should sigh with relief. This is a pretty easily accessible island right opposite Valencia, in the Peninsula of Iberia. It has got its own airport, called Sant Josep. There, you can find a lot of flights on a daily basis and particularly during the high season of summer and early spring or autumn. You can either get on a direct flight or get to the island using connection flights from abroad with an intermediary stop in Spain somewhere. Of course, this is only the option of getting to Ibiza by plane.
If you are more of a cruiser, there are three ports for you to make use of throughout the island. There are regular cruise boats leaving to and from the island daily and there is adequate space for yachts and private ships to get there and serve as your transportation. If you choose to use the boat as your means of transportation, apparently you will get the advantage of visiting the most secluded beaches and other landmarks of the island without any discomfort.
As for transportation within the island, there are numerous taxis that you can use and frequent buses for your ease of access to all the parts of Ibiza. When it comes to visiting places farther away, there are also boat charters that serve routes from one port to the next and of course bikes and car rentals for those who wish to be entirely independent and make use of their transportation throughout the day and night, non-stop. 
Have your pick and plan ahead, so as to make the most out of your holidays in Ibiza. These are days that you will never forget, due to the vibrant character of each and every single moment you are going to experience on this heavenly locale!