Sandy Beaches and Turquoise Waters for Diving in Between Parties
The Mediterranean Sea is world renowned for the splendid waters and the outstandingly beautiful beaches and Ibiza could be no exception to this rule. If you get the chance to visit the island that is located in the Iberian Peninsula, you will be lost for words at the majestic beaches that will fill you with anticipation, till you get the opportunity to dive into their waters and get refreshed and rejuvenated. Apparently, the coastline of Ibiza is pretty lengthy and this is why there is such a wide range of different beaches for you to have your pick from.
Depending on the location of your hotel or your camping site, there are numerous dreamy beaches that will complete your holidays in the most fabulous manner possible. If we had to name a few as your guiding light, the task would be pretty difficult. First of all, there is Cala Gració, which is a splendid example of family friendly beaches full of soft silky sand and without anything that can prevent you from having a great time relaxing under the sun. Cala San Vicent is another fine beach that can easily be accessed even on foot and that offers all the facilities that will help you make the most out of your swim. It is ideal for water sports and tennis rackets, as well as beach volley or even sunbathing. For something slightly different, there is always Cala D’Hort for you to visit. This is a magnificent beach that is full of medium grains of white sand and surrounded by rough hills. The scenery is breathtaking and the clarity of the water compensates you for the lack of conveniences, when compared to the other two beaches. Cala Llonga is yet another exceptional beach that is beautiful and inviting at the same time, with the soft sand and the deep blue waters painting the spectacular canvas of the island. 

Ibiza is a sight for sore eyes and particularly for those tourists who think highly of exotic looking beaches of unspoiled elegance and natural wonders!